Blushing Hydrangea

470 SAR

Pink flowers bouquet 

Pink flowers bouquet is a captivating floral arrangement that combines the purity of white hydrangeas with the delicate blush of the Blushing Bride, complemented by the soft elegance of Pink Lady roses and the airy charm of rice flowers. This harmonious blend of colors and textures creates a truly enchanting bouquet that exudes grace and romance.


Note: In case a flower, filler, or foliage was unavailable it may be substituted with an equivalent flower to keep the bouquet with the same feel.

ملاحظة: في حال لم تتوفر زهرة ، سوف نستبدلها بزهرة أخرى موازية لها لإبقاء الباقة بنفس الشكل

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