Peachy Blue Basket

800 SAR

The Peachy Blue Basket is a charming floral arrangement that blends soft peach roses, vibrant blue delphinium, cheerful daisies, and lush blue hydrangeas in a lovely wicker basket. A delicate butterfly accent adds a whimsical touch, making this bouquet feel like a piece of a magical garden. With its soothing hues and playful elements, the Peachy Blue Basket leaves a lasting impression, perfect for brightening someone’s day and sharing a bit of nature’s beauty.

Note: In case a flower, filler, or foliage was unavailable it may be substituted with an equivalent flower to keep the bouquet with the same feel. ملاحظة: في حال لم تتوفر زهرة ، سوف نستبدلها بزهرة أخرى موازية لها لإبقاء الباقة بنفس الشكل